Month: July 2016

Retailers roll with new restriction on tobacco sales to minors

At convenience stores and gas stations across the state, bright yellow signs are posted prominently on front doors: “Under 21/ No Tobacco.” Libby Brown, a 16-year-old from Turlock, has no problem with the new state law, which went into effect in June, even though it raised the legal smoking age from 18. She wasn’t planning to smoke anyway. “I think it’s a good law because it will make it so there’s not as many smokers,” she said. But 18-year-old smoker Paige Shafer, who lives in North San Juan, is upset that her once legal right to use tobacco has been abruptly taken away. She now has to get others who meet the age limit to get her cigarettes.

State Budget Includes $5 Million to Allow Those with Food Stamps to Buy More From Farmers’ Markets

By Hannah Guzik More Californians who receive food stamps will be able to buy double the fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets after Gov. Jerry Brown approved $5 million in funding for the program as part of the new state budget. The Market Match program increases amount people with CalFresh benefits are able to spend on fruits and vegetables at certain farmers’ markets in the

Transgender Patients Find Medical Home in L.A.

When Mikki del Monico, a 49-year-old filmmaker, walked into the just-opened Transgender Health Program more than two years ago, he knew exactly what he wanted because he’d been waiting for it his whole life—hormone replacement therapy, surgical referrals and a welcoming medical home. Two years later, post-testosterone treatments and breast-removal surgery, he is relieved and grateful.

The debate over marijuana legalization and kids

The pending ballot battle over a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana in California raises a crucial question: would the change expose more children to pot or protect youth from access to the drug by tightening regulations?

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