Month: February 2016

Trauma Should Be Recognized as Disability by Schools, Lawsuit Says

A group of middle and high school students in Compton have filed a first-of-its-kind federal lawsuit saying violence at home and in their neighborhoods has impaired their ability to learn at school. The students, along with three teachers who are also plaintiffs, allege the Compton Unified School District has failed to recognize and address their trauma-induced disabilities, and therefore has denied their legal right to an equal education.

Nursing Home Culture Change

Dr. Michael Wasserman, a geriatrician for 30 years, tells this story about a call he once received from a nursing home: a resident had just lashed out and struck a staff member, so the nurse wanted to know if she could prescribe the anti-psychotic drug Haldol.

Trump, Sanders and health care

By Daniel Weintraub In the days before last month’s Iowa caucuses, the Washington Times quoted a stay-at-home mom from Dubuque who wasn’t yet sure how she was going to vote. But the woman had narrowed her choice to a final two: Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders. How could she be torn between the only billionaire in the race and the man who says,

The Greying of California Farming: Success and Succession

As farmer’s markets explode all over California and people start to view food as a form of medicine, family farms are emerging as the backbone of a blossoming “shop local” movement and the desire to reconnect with both neighbors and nature. Yet an aging California population also means that older adult farmers – “agrarian elders” – are retiring at a record rate and taking decades of irreplaceable wisdom with them.

Fighting diabetes with hip-hop, poetry

By Daniel Weintraub Dr. Dean Schillinger spent much of his life fighting a losing battle against a preventable epidemic that has taken millions of American lives. Now, for the first time, he has hope. The disease is Type 2 Diabetes, an illness driven largely by bad diets and sedentary lifestyles and which has ravaged people in poverty and ethnic minorities in numbers far greater than

Beauty Shop Hazards: Potential Toxins in African-American Hair Products

In the 20 years she’s worked as a hair stylist, Safiyyah Edley has seen many colleagues diagnosed with uterine fibroids and cancer. Yet it wasn’t until she began working at a salon next door to the Los Angeles-based health and wellness advocacy organization, Black Women for Wellness (BWW), that she learned the hair products she works with on a daily basis could pose serious health risks.


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