Month: June 2015

Money in the Bank: Aging and the “Longevity Economy”

  By Matt Perry A popular view of older adults — that they are an unproductive drag on the American economy  – is under challenge by a new brief commissioned by AARP called “The Longevity Economy.” Authored by U.K.-based Oxford Economics, the brief refutes standard conventions of older adults and their economic impact, claiming that if the American population 50 and older were considered its

San Joaquin County improves breastfeeding rate

By Sara Washington In this story we go to Stockton where one program is working to improve San Joaquin County’s breastfeeding rate — currently it has one of the lowest in the state. In California low-income mothers are the least likely to breastfeed. San Joaquin County ranks 38 out of 50 for the lowest county breastfeeding rates. In recent years in-hospital breastfeeding rates among all Californians

Need to Know

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik The truth about HIV prevention drug Living in an unsafe neighborhood may affect DNA. Health law clears major hurdle as Supreme Court upholds subsidies. What comes next after the Supreme Court’s ruling that gay marriage is a constitutional right? Covered California will collect extensive data on patients. Pressure

Health Law Clears Major Hurdle As Supreme Court Upholds Subsidies

By Hannah Guzik The Supreme Court upheld a major element of President Obama’s health care law Thursday, ruling that the government should continue offer insurance subsidies nationwide. The 6-3 decision preserves the Affordable Care Act, a law that has expanded insurance coverage across the U.S. In the King v. Burwell case, the court considered a key portion of the law: whether low- and middle-income people

Health Plan in Three Counties Still Below State Minimum Performance Level

By Hannah Guzik A health plan operating in three California counties remains below the state’s minimum performance level, data released this month shows. The Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal plan in Alameda, Contra Costa and Kings counties has consistently failed the state’s performance review since at least February 2014. Medi-Cal is California’s low-income health plan. The scores for the plan in the three counties appear virtually

The Truth About HIV Prevention Drug Truvada

By Linda Childers

In the 1980s, a diagnosis of HIV used to mean AIDS or even early death. Today, thanks to advances in medicine, Truvada could potentially eliminate the 50,000 new cases of HIV infections diagnosed each year, yet the medication continues to be dogged by controversy.

Assisted Dying: California’s Tipping Point Arrives

By Matt Perry

No other death has so profoundly changed the way we perceive the dying process as that of Brittany Maynard, the young California woman who insisted on the right to die on her own terms by moving to Oregon, where she could legally end her suffering from terminal brain cancer.

Need to Know

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik The state has failed to ensure Medi-Cal patients have access to doctors, audit finds. Medi-Cal docs who fail site reviews are more likely to face board discipline. Undocumented children will have access to Medi-Cal under new budget. Sacramento County extends health benefits to undocumented immigrants. Children with autism

State Has Failed to Ensure Medi-Cal Patients Have Adequate Access to Doctors, Audit Finds

By Hannah Guzik The state agency that oversees Medi-Cal has failed to ensure that patients have adequate access to doctors, the California State Auditor has found. The audit, released Tuesday, found that provider directories for people enrolled in the low-income health plan were peppered with errors that the Department of Health Care Services didn’t catch. The agency didn’t check the data health plans submitted, so

California Has Seen a 34% Increase in Medi-Cal Enrollment Since ACA

By Hannah Guzik California leads the nation in enrollment in Medicaid, the national health program for low-income people, and has seen a 34 percent increase in enrollment since the Affordable Care Act took effect, according to a new report. As the most populous state, it’s no surprise that California has the largest number of Medicaid enrollees — it did before the federal health law was

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