Month: June 2015

The Truth About HIV Prevention Drug Truvada

In the 1980s, a diagnosis of HIV used to mean AIDS or even early death. Today, thanks to advances in medicine, Truvada could potentially eliminate the 50,000 new cases of HIV infections diagnosed each year, yet the medication continues to be dogged by controversy.

Assisted Dying: California’s Tipping Point Arrives

No other death has so profoundly changed the way we perceive the dying process as that of Brittany Maynard, the young California woman who insisted on the right to die on her own terms by moving to Oregon, where she could legally end her suffering from terminal brain cancer.

Pressure builds to boost reimbursements to dentists in Medi-Cal

By Daniel Weintraub   Jim Wood tells a story about teeth that makes him smile. Wood — a dentist and a state assemblyman from Sonoma County — remembers the time a patient of his who was an elementary school teacher told him about a student suffering from serious dental problems. The little girl’s family was poor and they lived in a rural area. They couldn’t

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