Month: April 2015

The Vaccination Tipping Point

Doctors told Stockton mom Meghan Brenner that the benefits of vaccination far outweighed the risks of side effects. Still, she couldn’t shake the nagging fear that her child, now 2, could be sickened by the shots. The former teacher, now a stay-at-home mom, knew a study linking vaccines with autism had been debunked. And, in theory, she liked the idea of herd immunity and the protection it confers on everyone.

Long-Term Care: The Approaching Storm Darkens

California continues to be an expensive place to age when living in long-term care facilities. In its annual survey “The Cost of Care,” Genworth Financial – a life insurance company that also sells long-term care policies – reports that costs for skilled nursing facilities in California climbed 4% in the past year.

Hungry for Solutions: Aging and Food Insecurity

While statistics for hungry children typically grab the biggest headlines, the numbers for elder hunger are also surprisingly dire — Feeding America estimates that 9% of seniors live in food insecure households. Of California’s nearly 5 million older adults that translates to anywhere between 326,000 to half a million hungry older adults.

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