Month: January 2015

Need to Know

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik The state must process Medi-Cal applications within the required 45 days, a judge rules. An assisted-living network in San Francisco sees seniors as gurus of mental health. Patient suicides can make psychiatrists less likely to take similar cases in the future. San Diego, with the fourth largest homeless

Five Northern California Areas Have Higher Proportion of Unvaccinated Kids, Study Finds

By Hannah Guzik As an outbreak of measles linked to Disneyland sweeps across the state, researchers have identified five Northern California areas that have higher proportions of unvaccinated children than the general population. The study, published online Monday in the journal Pediatrics, found five statistically significant clusters where 18 to 23 percent of kids were under-immunized. Outside of those areas, across the 13 Northern California

Need to Know

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik Brown’s budget doesn’t include money for health coverage for undocumented immigrants. There’s also no additional money to address the state’s dental coverage woes. Funding for health and social services will remain largely the same under the new plan. California’s health exchange is nearing its enrollment goals. Is it

San Diego tries housing first for homeless

By Marty Graham San Diego, which in 2013 had the fourth largest homeless population in the U.S., has committed $30 million to an aggressive housing-first strategy that grew out of test projects putting the city’s most hard-core homeless indoors. The new push is being heralded as a paradigm shift from a spectrum of temporary shelters, transient housing and services spread across agencies and nonprofits to

Not Crazy, Not Bad: The Aging Gurus of Mental Health

By Matt Perry A visit to most long-term care facilities – a nursing home or assisted living facility – quickly reveals who wields the sword of control. Managers dispense orders to staff. Then able-bodied caregivers roam floors full of seniors compromised in either mind or body. And frail residents dutifully follow the house rules. Yet AgeSong assisted living – which has long considered older adults

Left Behind by the Affordable Care Act

By Lily Dayton

Dominga Sarabia is one of the estimated 
2.6 million undocumented California residents who are explicitly barred by law from the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The legislation has been a huge boon for many Californians. More than 3 million previously uninsured Californians gained health insurance since the start of the ACA’s first enrollment period, according to a July study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Almost 30 percent of the remaining uninsured, however, are undocumented immigrants who are ineligible for both Medi-Cal and assistance through Covered California.

A Return to Roots

By Hannah Guzik

The women here at the Mixteco/Indigena Organizing Project in downtown Oxnard are part of a new support group and are learning how to manage stress and deal with difficulties in their lives, sometimes including domestic violence and mental illness. As indigenous people, they’ve felt their “outsider status” in both Mexico and the United States. They face other troubles every day as members of an often invisible minority group in California.

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