Month: November 2014

Health Grants Go to Small Communities With Innovative Approaches to Obesity, Smoking

To motivate Lake County residents to get moving earlier this year, public health workers used a charming mascot named Rocky the River Otter. They handed out several of the stuffed animals and asked participants in their “Move More 20+14” physical challenge to photograph themselves exercising next to the cute toys. Rocky ended up in pictures at such locations as an elementary school hula-hoop session, yoga classes and on top of a mountain. The challenge, which asked participants to do moderate exercise 20 minutes a day for 14 weeks, beginning in January, was one of many projects funded through the Community Transformation Grant Small Communities Program.

Group prenatal visits improve birth outcomes for mother and child

In this story we go to Life Long Medical Care in Berkeley, where we met Ana Maria Negrete five weeks from the due date of her first child. Negrete is a part of new model for pre-natal care called CenteringPregnancy — where expectant mothers participate in group checkups which provide support, education and health assessment. Studies show that this type of pre-natal care leads to better birth outcomes for both mother and child.

Why unemployment is harder for older adults

San Diego area resident Teresa McConnell, 54, remembers the seven months of her unemployment clearly. “I didn’t want to talk to anyone any more, I didn’t want to hear myself say I didn’t have a job and watch people pull away,” she said. “I felt sick and ashamed just saying it.”

California Health Report TV – Episode 4

In this episode we bring you stories from around the state about people improving their lives – and the conditions of their communities. First we go to Sunnyside Organic Seedlings in Richmond where we met Pilar Reber who went from a pesticide applicator twenty years ago to the owner of a certified organic farm. Reber is now partnering with local non-profits to teach youth about

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