Month: July 2013

The Color of Care

The country’s melting pot is becoming a complex racial stew at both ends of the nation’s caregiving spectrum: for those needing care and the hired workers providing it.

A Growing Crisis That Spans Generations

With more than 8,000 Americans turning 65 every day and chronic disease gobbling up nearly one-third of the American health-care dollar, the need for caregivers – both family and hired – is staggering.

Nine bills aim to provide clean drinking across the state

Despite the fact that there is some money available for interim fixes and emergency drinking water, many residents of disadvantaged communities throughout California have gone for years, sometimes decades, paying for both contaminated tap water and bottled water for drinking and cooking.

Curfew sweeps alarm community

Community activists in San Diego are alarmed by curfew sweeps that they say unfairly target minority youth. Police say they are even-handed and the sweeps expose kids and their families to social services that can help them avoid delinquency.

Brave new age: living to 100 and beyond

By Matt Perry When I started covering Aging issues for the California Health Report almost two years ago, one man’s name kept popping up who consistently impressed me with his intelligence, and gleefully shocked me with his iconoclasm: Dr. Walter Bortz. As the former president of the American Geriatrics Society, a current Stanford instructor, and author of “We Live Too Short and Die Too Long,”

Thriving Community Farms Bear Benefits for California

Small organic farms cropping up all over California are helping residents get back to their roots — and also their leafy greens and vitamins. The first two community-supported agriculture ventures began on the East Coast in 1986, and since then, the number of community-supported farms across the country has grown exponentially as word of mouth travels.

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Laguna Honda serves as the city’s primary “hospital-based nursing facility” for San Francisco’s old, poor and sick, offering an astounding array of rehabilitation services amidst a welcoming atmosphere that’s a far cry from typically sterile healthcare interiors.

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