Month: February 2013

Metal detectors to be removed at most county medical facilities

After a shooter wounded two doctors at a Los Angeles County hospital in the 1990s, metal detectors were installed at county medical facilities. Now that Obamacare is poised to bring more choice to low-income patients, the county wants to remove the metal detectors, causing doctors, patients and other wonder about their safety.

Mobile Health at the Market

When it comes to getting her kids the healthcare she needs, Monica Villalobos faces many challenges. A single mom with three kids under five, she doesn’t have a car, works long hours and shares parenting with her mom, who speaks very little English.

Bridging the health gap may start with building trust

Health care professionals, policymakers and African American women recently gathered in Merced to share their views on the social and racial barriers that keep women of color from being active participants in their own health care and to develop strategies that will improve the health outcomes of all African American women in the county.

Program guides underrepresented students to health professions

Jeff Oxendine wanted to pursue a developing interest in public health in college – but he didn’t know how, until he found an internship program that set him on his path. Now an Associate Dean at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, he’s also the founder of an innovative program that helps more students like him find their way into the health care field.

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