Month: November 2011

Small Towns, Large Integration

The tiny Central Valley town of Cutler is home to one in a series of cutting-edge health clinics that raise the bar on low-cost, community-based healthcare with a sophisticated set of integrated services spanning primary care to alternative medicine and social outreach. The Family HealthCare Network includes 11 clinics dotting rural Tulare and Kings counties, both agricultural economies in the heart of the central San Joaquin Valley populated heavily by undocumented workers.

State settles suit over adult day health care

On the eve of a hearing in federal court, California officials and advocates for disabled and low-income seniors have agreed to a brief delay in the elimination of the state Adult Day Health Care program while a replacement service can be implemented.

A gauge on a Kerman water tank shows the tank is nearly full.

Pending Chromium 6 limits worry small water company

Ken Moore brags about the water quality in Kerman, a Fresno County city of nearly 14,000 surrounded by farmland. While other Central Valley towns report infamous water problems with nitrates and chromium 6 contamination — issues that include infant deaths, birth defects and cancer — Kerman’s water only needs chlorine added to kill bacteria before it flows through city pipes, said Moore, Kerman’s Public Works Director.

Senior actors teach nurses to understand elderly patients

More than 7,000 people qualify for Medicare every day, according to the AARP. But advocates for the elderly say that medical training isn’t keeping up with the demand for specialized knowledge of the needs of seniors. One program in Oakland is trying to fill that gap with the help of a senior acting troupe.

In Los Angeles, truancy tickets hit kids of color

In Los Angeles, a change in the city’s daytime curfew law is on the City Council agenda. The law is aimed at keeping kids in school, but activists have waged a two-year battle against it, saying it’s punitive, discriminatory and counter-productive.

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