Month: October 2011

Playworks helps kids make the most of recess

Playworks is an innovative program that giving low-income kids in Richmond and elsewhere the opportunity to engage in structured games – and learn how to manage conflicts – during recess. Teachers report that more peaceful recesses give them a better chance to devote class time to instruction.

Connecting generations

An innovative program connects elementary school students to older adults in a senior facility, bridging the generation gap from both ends.

The uninsured line up at an LA arena turned hospital

The Los Angeles Sports Arena was transformed last Thursday through Sunday into a giant field hospital for some of the city’s estimated 2 million uninsured and many more who are underinsured. More than 4,000 people registered for the event, sponsored by the non-profit CareNow USA. Some didn’t know how sick they were.

In 100 blocks, a history of violent crime in Oakland

Most of Oakland’s crime happens in 100 blocks, Mayor Jean Quan explained to city residents at a recent neighborhood safety summit. Concentrating efforts there will change the story of violence in Oakland, she told a sometimes frustrated audience. But how different is the city’s new safety plan from what’s been tried in the past?

Lack of local services limits prison mom release program

Thousands of mothers currently incarcerated in the State prison system are now eligible to serve out the end of their sentences at home or in local facilities. To qualify for the program, women must be “primary caregivers” convicted of non-violent, non-serious, non-sexual offenses with remaining prison sentences of less than two years. Roughly, half of the 9,543 women currently incarcerated in State prison fall into this category. But prison administrators estimate that department case managers will approve only about 500 inmates for early release.

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