Month: July 2010

LA cancer screening center closes doors

The Elizabeth Center for Cancer Detection in Los Angeles — one of the oldest cancer screening clinics in California — plans to shut down today after treating its last patients. The center is a victim of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to freeze enrollment in a cancer screening program for low-income women on Jan. 1 and pay for routine mammograms only for women after the age of 50. Those moves caused an abrupt drop in the Elizabeth Center’s patient load and revenues, which had already been strained as its costs exceeded what it was earning from the state. HealthyCal correspondent Megan Baier has the story.

Research shows dental care disparities among white, minority children

Latino and African American children in Medicaid have high rates of tooth decay but visit dentists less often than children with private insurance, according to a new article in the journal Health Affairs. But the racial and ethnic disparities go beyond economic status. Latino and African American children with private insurance are less likely than white children to see a dentist, and they go longer between visits. And Latino and African American children in Medicaid are more likely than white children in Medicaid to go longer between trips to the dentist.

CeaseFire tries to quell gang violence

The CeaseFire program is bringing law enforcement, government and community leaders together to stop the cycle of gang violence by focusing intensely on the small number of individuals who are responsible for most of the violence. At-risk youth and ex-cons are surrounded by support and services to help them join mainstream society and abandon their violent ways. HealthyCal contributor Nik Bonovich has the story.

Cancer screening clinics might shut down

Hundreds of California clinics that provide low-income women with free mammograms and cervical exams are fighting to stay open this summer because of changes in patient eligibility rules and a state budget that is already weeks late with no deal in sight. HealthyCal correspondent Megan Baier has the story.

Before you vote, read these

The Legislative Analyst’s Office has just posted its non-partisan analyses of all of the propositions on the November ballot. If you read or listen to nothing else before the election, read these. They are always the single best place to get grounded on what the props would do and how much they would cost.

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