Month: May 2010

State Senate bans sport drinks in high schools

The state Senate has approved a bill to ban the sale of sugar-sweetened sport drinks in the public schools during school hours. The bill would tighten a restriction that already forbids the sale of soft drinks but did not include electrolyte replacement beverages in the ban.

Student-run project part of SD safety net

San Diego’s safety net is in tatters. There is no county hospital and no school of dentistry. In order to receive County Medical Services, the health care program for indigent adults, people have to sign a lien against any future property they might own. And so, a “student-run” program has become part of the safety net.

An army of the involuntarily under-employed

The number of unemployed in California, the rate of unemployment, the average duration of employment: all of these indicators have risen dramatically since 2007. However, there is a less-known job indicator that also has risen dramatically and may have more to do with stalling a job recovery in California than any other: the number of workers involuntarily working part-time.

Healthy eating, supplements, helped addicts kick drugs

An innovative program that helps drug addicts retake control of their lives with healthy eating, stress reduction and natural supplements has been cut from the Sacramento Drug Court’s recovery program because of budget shortfalls. Healthy Cal contributor Nik Bonovich explains how the program worked and why the court’s director is trying to bring it back.

Democrats propose $4.9 billion tax package

Senate Democrats unveiled a $4.9 billion tax increase package Monday, saying that without new revenue California would be forced to make program cuts that they consider unacceptable. The package would extend the life of temporary tax increases passed last year while delaying the roll out of business tax breaks, most of which were part of the same package adopted a year ago on bipartisan votes in the Legislature.

De-Bugging civic life in San Jose

Adrian Avila was a 17-year-old street graffiti artist who had a job at a local hot dog stand when he wandered into the offices of Silicon Valley De-Bug eight years ago. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for. But he found it.

Oakland high schools showcase student work on big issues

Oakland Unified School District’s Excel and Mandela high schools have found the right formula to keep students engaged and invested in educations – and they are sharing it with the public. With a focus on public service, Excel High School’s senior class recently stood before the student community and the public and discussed, presented the facts and defended their dissertations on varied topics. Some of these included teen pregnancy, homelessness, the affects of drugs and alcohol on families, single-parent households, literacy and even police violence.

Cuts to breast-cancer screenings affect more women than expected

Budget cuts to a state program that provides mammograms to screen low-income women for breast cancer have affected far more women than expected, according to state figures. While the cuts had been expected to reduce the number of recipients by 17 percent to about 21,000 per month, only about 10,000 women per month received the service in the first three months of the year, according to this AP story.

Walking the Walk in Citrus Heights

The city of Citrus Heights might have been the least walkable city in the Sacramento region, and it faced significant challenges to changing that status. But with the help of the California Healthy Cities and Communities program and a process that leaned on residents for ideas and organization, the city has made significant progress. Read how it happened in this story.

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