Opinion: All Doctors Should Practice Trauma-Informed Care

What medical professionals don’t realize is that their medical setting is full of potential “triggers” for people with traumatic experiences. It should be standard practice for medical professionals to screen and assess for trauma in a safe environment.

We’re proposing state legislation to mandate trauma-informed care education in all California medical, dental and nursing programs.

One way to help solve the doctor shortage

California is experiencing a worsening shortage of doctors in rural and low-income communities, in part because of decades-old laws that no longer serve our needs. I have worked as a “country doctor” for 22 years. It’s the kind of work I always wanted to do, but it’s a tough sell for younger doctors today – even for those who see it as their professional calling. College and medical school tuition and subsequent debt are exorbitant. More patients in rural communities are uninsured or on Medi-Cal than privately insured. The doctors who treat them are routinely paid less than half of the cost of care.

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