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Universities Lack Guidelines for Responding to Domestic Violence

Studies have found that the prevalence of domestic violence and dating violence among college students is on par with the number of female college students who’ve experienced sexual assault. “About 21 percent of college students report they are experiencing violence from a current partner,” says Jessica Merrill, communications manager for California Partnership to End Domestic Violence.


Pipeline to Prison May Start with Childhood Trauma

Pediatric patients giving their health histories at the Center for Youth Wellness, a health clinic in the impoverished Bayview Hunter’s Point area of San Francisco, are asked for more than the usual details about allergies and current prescriptions.

Richmond Anti-Violence Program Recognized as a National Model

In the heart of Richmond, Calif. lies the Iron Triangle, named after the three railroad tracks that define and enclose the area. Today children can be seen playing at a renovated community park in the neighborhood, but this hasn’t always been the case. In this working-class neighborhood historically plagued by drive-by shootings, substance abuse and prostitution, parents haven’t always felt safe letting their children play outside.

A New Escape Route for Victims of Domestic Violence

Under the new Safe Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors law—which also applies to victims of stalking, human trafficking, sexual assault and elder abuse— tenants  in an unsafe living environment may break their residential lease with a statement from a counselor or caseworker.

Oakland Non-Profit Aims to Train Faith Leaders as First Responders in Domestic Violence Cases

Although it happened eight years ago, Carolyn Russell clearly remembers the tragic murder of a female parishioner at Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland. The 40-year-old woman was in the midst of a bitter divorce, when her estranged husband approached her in the church parking lot and shot and killed her. Sadly, the woman had obtained a restraining order against her former husband only three days before the shooting.

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