Why Movement Matters

Whether it’s partner dancing, yoga, walking, riding motorcycles or climbing trees, older adults are sustaining good health and reducing chronic disease by getting off their butts in newly creative ways that emphasize flexibility rather than sweaty exercise or muscle-bound weightlifting.

4 Minutes with Ashton Applewhite

“Aging With Dignity” interviews Ashton Applewhite (author of “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism”) before her appearance at San Francisco’s Institute on Aging on Monday, February 13, 2017.

Flexing Muscles: 70 Strong

Blue Zones are those rare communities where residents live healthier and longer lives, the result of nine factors that include good food and close community ties. Loma Linda is one of only a handful of Blue Zones worldwide, with its tight-knit Seventh-day Adventist community that emphasizes a vegetarian diet free from alcohol and other mind-altering substances.

Creating Age-Friendly California

At the front lines of California’s rapidly aging demographic, California mayors and local leaders are taking a fresh course of action to make their communities age-friendly, and more livable for everyone, as part of a growing international movement.

Lost and Found in the City of Angels

Falling stars are the stuff of Hollywood legend. Early film industry folklore had it that the Pacific coast was littered with the bodies of actors who failed to make the transition from silent movies to sound – victims of suicidal depression.  While myth, the story nevertheless suggests that the fine line between success and failure in the City of Angels has always been dangerously thin.

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