Author: Lisa Renner

In Counties Where Teen Pregnancy is High, a Sex Ed Program Offers Promise

The teen boys in the San Joaquin County Juvenile Detention Center had a lot of questions for the two sex education instructors who paid them a visit. Among them: Where are free local clinics that provide testing for sexually transmitted diseases? Is there a cure for AIDS? Can you use ear wax to find out if your partner has an STD?

Too Few Docs to Set Baby Boomer Bones

More and more baby boomers start their senior years they are encountering an unwelcome side effect of aging – more falls and more fractures. At the same time, orthopedic surgeons in underserved areas are retiring to enjoy their golden years. Soon, advocates worry, there will be too few surgeons left to treat the growing number of elderly people who will require expert help with their broken bones.

Biodynamic Farming Grows in California

Described as a “spiritual-ethical-ecological” approach to agriculture by the Biodynamic Association, biodynamics goes much further than organic farming. Under the rules of the biodynamic-certifying agency the Demeter Association, the farms must not only eliminate synthetic chemicals, but they must be as self-sustaining as possible, grow a variety of crops and incorporate animals.

Co-Housing Entices Families and Seniors

Greg Kelly was looking for an alternative to the isolation that can come with suburban living. He hated how in many suburban neighborhoods, people barely interact with their neighbors, spend most of their time in cars and struggle to keep their families going all on their own.

Homeless Are Hesitant to Use Medi-Cal

Some homeless people have trouble understanding the Medi-Cal enrollment process or providing the needed paperwork. Others would just rather be around other homeless people. Because of their hard life on the streets, they don’t always feel comfortable in more traditional settings.

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