Author: Linda Childers

Come Together: Bay Area Organizations Help Survivors of Human Trafficking

As the volunteer director for the Bay Area Youth Dance Team, Vanessa Scott was shocked when one of her 15-year-old students became ensnared in the web of human trafficking and was forced into prostitution. Like many Bay Area residents, Scott was unaware that the San Francisco area ranks as one of the nation’s main hubs for human trafficking, a crime that includes sex trafficking, child labor, forced labor and domestic servitude.

The Truth About HIV Prevention Drug Truvada

In the 1980s, a diagnosis of HIV used to mean AIDS or even early death. Today, thanks to advances in medicine, Truvada could potentially eliminate the 50,000 new cases of HIV infections diagnosed each year, yet the medication continues to be dogged by controversy.

A Better Delivery for Pregnant Women in Jail

As the young female inmate from the San Francisco County Jail prepared to give birth to her first child at San Francisco General Hospital, she found comfort in the fact that she wasn’t alone. Sitting by her bedside was a doula, a trained nonclinical birth companion whom she had been working with for several months through the Bay Area’s Birth Justice Project.

Saving Lives By Keeping Seniors on Their Toes

With the aging Baby Boomer generation set to change the face of health care as we know it, hospitals across the country have begun preparing for the influx of older patients by looking at ways to improve both care and outcomes for senior patients with programs like Acute Care for Elders.

Oakland Youth Aspire Offers Lessons in Life and Health

It’s Saturday afternoon at the DeFremery Recreation Center in West Oakland, and several groups of children are watching intently as Quetzal Flores, a student at UC Berkeley and a volunteer with Oakland Youth Aspire, partially fills a few plastic bottles with vinegar and then attaches a balloon filled with baking soda to the top of the plastic bottles.

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