Author: Derek Walter

Confronted with Evidence on Teenage Sleep, Some California Schools Move to Start Later

Teenagers need more sleep than adults, and early start times for school aren’t helping. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently began to advocate for starting high school at 8:30 a.m. in hopes of better meeting students’ sleep needs. This could also help combat depression, reduce car accidents and help with other health problems that can arise from insufficient sleep, the Academy said.

Local organizations help low-income residents find home in downtown Fresno

Bob Dittmar’s day begins on the roof at six in the morning. The late summer sun is punishing even at this early hour. This isn’t one of the new suburban houses that crop up quickly in the northern parts of Fresno. Dittmar is downtown, in a long-neglected area known as the Lowell neighborhood, which takes its name from the nearby elementary school, though its roots, and its struggle with poverty, go back generations.

No clear successor yet in green alternatives to gasoline

Buying a more fuel-efficient cars, which tend to be more expensive than conventional cars, is a difficult decision for the everyday consumer. But the choices are even more complicated for business owners in the Central Valley. Adopting a more fuel-efficient model is better for the environment and air quality, making such a leap can be an economic challenge. In the Central Valley, home to many industrial and agriculture operations, some businesses must manage a fleet of vehicles that would be expensive to replace en masse.

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